East Allgheny Visits Logan Middle School

On Thursday, March 7th the East Allegheny TFIM team visited Logan Middle School to present "Welcome to the High School." The project was designed to show the middle school students the various clubs, sports and activities that they can participate in when they come to the high school.

Chartiers-Houston Wants to Know...Where's My Buc? Also Visits Zoo!

Chartiers-Houston's The Future Is Mine team just started a "Where's My Buc?" campaign in December 2012. TFIM students have had their "Buc" travel to various jobs across the United States and report back to the students via a Bulletin Board.

Beth Center Hosts Their Fourth Career Fair

The Bethlehem Center TFIM team showcased their Peer-to-Peer project by way of their 4th Annual College/Career Fair for juniors, seniors and TFIM members.

Click here to check it out.

How TFIM Relates to PA State Standards

A common misconception about The Future Is Mine Student Project is that it is an extra-curricular activity and, therefore, the program's activities should not take place or interfere with the school day. In an effort to dispel that notion, a careful analysis of the Pennsylvania Academic Standards has been done in relation to the goals, activities, skills and concepts covered in TFIM.

The Consortium for Public Education wholly understands the academic challenges a student faces when not present in the classroom, as does your colleague(s) who acts/act as the TFIM Advisor in your school. However, TFIM is an equally valuable tool in preparing our young people for the real world and it is sometimes necessary for a student to be excused from class. Please help to support the work of the TFIM students as they create experiences for their peers in preparation for life after high school.

It's our hope that after reviewing this information, you will feel comfortable in supporting the efforts of the TFIM Student Project Team.

Click here to download the list of PA State Standards that relates to TFIM goals, activities, skills and concepts.

Click here to view the PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work.

Does TFIM Help Students Get Into College?

Only in the sense that TFIM encourages all students to pursue some kind of post-secondary education, whether it's a bachelor's degree, associates degree, apprenticeship program, or other training/certification. We are dispelling the myth that 'getting into a good college' insures success. TFIM believes that knowledge of one's learning style, work style, passion in life, aptitudes, and creating a tool kit of skills to be added to and transferred during one's career path is the foundation of preparing for life after high school.

Go to the What's Out There For Me page to find out more information about FastWeb. FastWeb can help students make the decisions that shape their lives: choosing a college, paying for college, and finding jobs and internships.

Please take a moment to join TFIM's newest network that will keep you updated on all things TFIM! Please encourage your friends and colleagues to sign up as well.

West Mifflin TFIM Team Educates Peers About Teen Dating Violence

The West Mifflin TFIM Team welcomed the Demi Brae Cuccia Awareness Foundation to their high school.

Click here to check it out.

Pittsburgh Brashear Spreads Holiday Joy

A few members of the Pittsburgh Brashear TFIM team helped spread cheer - and promote literacy - during holiday celebrations by reading books to daycare students and pass out children's books to those in need.

Calling All TFIM Alumni:
What are you wearing now?

We would like to create a database with TFIM Alumni contact, employment, and education information. This information will be used in a database to help better meet the career exploration needs of our current TFIM students. If you are interested in connecting with TFIM students to share some insight on your career exploration journey, serve as a panelist or guest speaker at a TFIM participating school, or even allow a student/s to interview you, please complete the TFIM Alumni registration form.

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If so, Student's Forum is a place for you to share your ideas and questions about TFIM with other TFIM students. We created this area to provide a place for TFIM students to share best practices, ask for help and keep in touch with fellow TFIM students. The message boards are updated within 24 hours. All questions and comments are approved by a staff member and then will be posted. Please read the rules before you post on the Student's Forum page.


Website Design and Security Tools

"Is Facebook safe? How can I make my own web site? How does the Internet even work?

If you've wondered about any of these things, click below to download information developed especially for TFIM participants by IST students at Penn State Greater Allegheny. These online workshops were created especially with high school students like yourself in mind, and besides explaining the basics of what a network is and how to create your own professional-looking web site, they provide links to useful online resources and career information."

Please visit the Penn State GA web site if you are interested in learning more about the IST program.

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